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Business Continuity

Disaster avoidance and data availability through data replication is an integral part of a Company’s insurance and its risk management against unexpected systems interruptions. It is not a matter of if an interruption will occur, but rather it is a matter of when an interruption will occur, how long it will last and what magnitude and impact it will have on an organization.

The impact of data and service interruptions largely depend on what preparedness plans are put in place by enterprises before a disaster hits. In today’s business environment, it is essential for companies to deliver data when needed to the point where it is used.

An interruption of operations and business processes is expensive.

Loss of business critical data is always disastrous for an organization.

Service and Data Availability is Critical. Recent global events have stressed the importance of data availability solutions for business continuity. Data protection through off-site data replication for data availability have become a higher priority and a growing requirement for enterprises, large and small.

Nology Solutions helps companies prepare for interruptions. We understand:
the availability of data and applications are critical for all organizations, regardless of size, recent government regulations mandate companies retain more data for a longer period of time and ensure the data is protected up-to-date and online replication of an organization’s data are a verifiable means of disaster recovery planning

How about a temporary place to work?

Does your office space have a disaster recovery plan? This is most often forgotten.

Does Your Office Space Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Data availability is not the only issue you need to ensure protection for.

Where would your company continue to work until your office is move-back-in ready? Are your employees and clients safe while repairs are underway? Can you take that chance?

Nology Solutions provides temporary and on-demand office space for your company to relocate in the event of a disaster.

Within a few hours, your company can be setup and live so that day-to-day business can continue until recovery is within grasp. Minimized downtime will help with the coping and continuation of business.